Godet in a stitching technique that inserts a piece of material in a dress, shirt or glove to make it flared; also being used for the purpose of ornamentation. Just like its literal meaning, the goal of The Godet is to bring that little extra touch to anything fashion. It’s all about adding, with information, tips and ideas related to this fascinating theme. Either for personal styling consultation or to bring solutions to a business. Its concept goes beyond the industry to create personalized projects and singular approach to specific needs.

Fernanda Langhammer is behind The Godet. The journalist with 16 years of experience in the field, mainly in print media, is now giving a new purpose to all the knowledge she compiled during the years. The venture’s main focus is to help women look good in their own way and businesses to best communicate through unique actions with its public. Fernanda’s background in fashion journalism is the key element to create innovative conversation between brands and its consumers.


images by @lensway_creatives